Video Camera Spy Pen

spy pen


Have you ever been in a situation where you are witnessing your office co-worker doing something silly and wish you could record them without them knowing about it? Or have you ever wanted to capture what someone says during contract negotiations? Well here is a pen with a video camera inside that can hook up directly to your computer for downloads. It also holds up to 16gb of memory with expansion micro card which is about 4 hours of video.

I feel like James Bond with this little gadget.

Product Features;

  • Perfectly Sized to Appear like any Ordinary Pen for Nearly Undetectable Surveillance that is the Spy Pen Camera!
  • Automatically records up to 320 minutes of Video Footage or up to 48,000 Photo Images when you Upgrade to the 16 GB of micro SD Card so You Don’t have to Worry about Running Low on Memory Wherever you Go!
  • Provides You with One Hour of Battery Life Each Time you Charge it so You Don’t have to Compromise on Video Quality!
  • Our Expertise and Focus is on Creating the Spy Pen Camera and now we have included a free 8 GB micro SD card to the Package!