V-Cube 7 – Rubik’s Cube on Steroids!

Do you know anyone that can finish a Rubiks cube? Well here is basically a Rubics cube on Steroids! Millions of combinations will keep your little puzzle solver busy for weeks! Reviews say that the puzzle slides around very easily and generally think its a great gift.

My brain hurts just looking at it!

Product Features;

  • The V-CUBE 7 consists of 218 small pieces – called cubies
  • The possible number of permutations of the V-CUBE 7 is 1.95*10^160
  • The player is required to discover a strategy to achieve uniform colored sides on her/ his V-CUBE 7
  • The solid-cross that supports them, enabling them to rotate independently on based axes
  • You will need to discover intelligent strategies, tricky combinations