Discorobo Dancing Robot – By Tosey

discorobo dancing robot

Discorobo Dancing Robot - By Tosey Discorobo Dancing Robot by Tosey dances to the beat with over 56 moves and 8 facial expressions. The harder the beat, the more it grooves. You can create a beat with hand clapping, feet stomping, or even pot banging. Discorobo will also dance to your favorite tunes so you can challenge it to a dance competition. There are 4 different colors and facial designs … [Read more...]

HexBug Nano – Glow in the Dark Skeleton Orange or Black

hexbug zombie

If you've never seen a nano bug before, they are cool little bug like toys that uses vibrations that make them skittle all over hard surfaces which make them look like bugs. They've been very popular with kids and now Hexbug has come out with an even scarier version (for those of you with bug phobias) that looks like a skeleton, glows in the dark, and comes in it's own little coffin. This is … [Read more...]