Minecraft Plush Pig – 7 inches

minecraft pig

  Ok, they finally created a Minecraft plush that's cute. The creeper may be more iconic, but it doesn't make me wanna cuddle it like the plush pig does. This is the over world pig that are in mobs and you kill for food. Even in Minecraft you can enjoy a good piece of bacon! … [Read more...]

Black Knight Plush Toy- Monty Python and Holy Grail

Black Knight

  "It's only a flesh wound"!  One of the memorable quotes from probably the most quoted of all Monty Python characters, The Black Knight. Now you can have your own Black Night with this cool plush. You'll always have an excuse to quote Monty Python to all your friends when this plush is around. "Oh, oh, I see! Running away, eh? You yellow b***rds! Come back here and take what's … [Read more...]

Pacman Plush 6 Inches

pac man plush

  If you have nightmares about ghosts, sleep with this Pac-man plush. He will gobble up the ghosts and keep you safe (or run away, depending on your perspective). Retro is back. Product Features; 6 inch scale plush Soft and cuddly Includes tags Polyester fiber construction Officially licensed … [Read more...]

Star Trek: USS Enterprise Plush

star trek plush

As you crawl into bed, you turn on the Enterprise and the blinking red lights guide you off to sleep. You give your foot long plush a big squeeze and the distinct Enterprise torpedo sounds blast your way into sleep and you dream of exploring galaxies far far away In your dream, you beam down to a strange planet with Kirk, Spock, Bones, and Sulu. As you venture forth, you look down, and to your … [Read more...]