Condiment Gun – Sure Fire Sauce Dispenser

condiment gun

Condiment Gun - The Sure Fire Sauce Dispenser This is a fun and easy way to make sure you get your mustard on that hamburger at the backyard BBQ. The gun has with it,  2 reusable cartridges and is best for non-chunky sauces. It's over 9 inches long and doesn't require any batteries. recommended for anyone old enough not to squirt others. Whoops......, I guess that leaves me out! Teach Gun … [Read more...]

Solar Powered Tent – Keep a Charge when Living Large

solar powered tent

Solar Powered Tent - Keep a Charge when Living Large Camping for the 21st century. You can enjoy the outdoors and still stay connected! The solar panel slides right into a slot on your high grade waterproof polyester tent and Includes a 5-watt solarpanel, lithium solar storage bank, and USB charging adaptors. The tent sleeps 4, so you can have the whole family. Just get your blow up mattress, … [Read more...]

Ultimate Grilling Apron – Never Need to Fetch Anything

Ultimate Grilling Apron

Ultimate Grilling Apron It gets tiring always forgetting something when grilling (especially Beer). So you go back inside and get what you need, come back out and everything is burnt! Well maybe sometimes I do get distracted when inside. Anyway, this cool apron allows you to carry everything you need with you to handle the grill (except talent). I especially like the beer munition! It goes well … [Read more...]