Nerf Nuke Mortar – Ultimate Nerf Foam Weapon!

Nerf Nuke

  Dr Strangelove would love this Nerf Nuke Mortar! This is a perfect example where a fun set of toys grow into an emulation of life. Nerf battles used to be simple fun, where everyone had a single shooter that could only take a few foam darts at a time so you were constantly needing to re-load. Then someone brings in a nerd gun with an enlarged dart magazine and then someone brings repeater … [Read more...]

Nerf N-Strike Elite Centurion Blaster – For Sharpshooters

nerf centurion blaster2

  Sharpshooters can be some of the most dangerous soldiers in any war and have given many armys tactical advantage in battle. So why have a tacticale advantage in Nerf battle? This nerf gun shoots nerf megas darts up to 100 feet. Imagine the look on your friends faces when you hit them before they can even locate you. Also¬†watch them freak out as they hear the whistle of the mega … [Read more...]