Minecraft Plush Pig – 7 inches

minecraft pig

  Ok, they finally created a Minecraft plush that's cute. The creeper may be more iconic, but it doesn't make me wanna cuddle it like the plush pig does. This is the over world pig that are in mobs and you kill for food. Even in Minecraft you can enjoy a good piece of bacon! … [Read more...]

Lego Minecraft – The Nether – 21106

Lego 21106

Lego has re-created even more the Minecraft world by producing the Nether Biome. It has the nether portal along with flowing Lava and Flames among the gravel and bedrock. It even has Lego's on re-creation of Flying Ghasts and the wandering Zombie Pigmen. So travel though the Overworld re-create your favorite virtual world where flying Ghasts shoot fireballs and Zombie Pigmen drop golden swords. … [Read more...]

Minecraft Foam Diamond Sword and Pickaxe


  With this set of Minecraft tools, you can use either the sword or the pickaxe to mine for diamonds. A great item to make any minecraft fan happy. This soft phone won't bust through any rock, but it sure will let you pretend. Product Specifications Have a Minecraft tool in each hand! Includes both Diamond Sword and Diamond Pickaxe Crafted from durable EVA foam Officially … [Read more...]

Minecraft Adventure Kids T-Shirt

Minecraft t-shirt

  This is cool new T-Shirt from Jinx and officially licensed by Minecraft. Going on an adventure with your trusty dog and your diamond pickaxe. Watch out, there is a creeper in the background. This is a youth sized shirt made of 100% cotton. … [Read more...]

LEGO Minecraft Micro World Set 21102

Lego minecraft 2

Lego has made building set based on ¬†he online creative building game¬†Minecraft. Minecraft is an online sandbox a virtual world where the essential play creative building with virtual cubes and its about learning skills and building craft tools and mining for gold and diamonds. This is a set not offered in most stores which carry Lego. Minecraft was the fastest growing online game in … [Read more...]