Condiment Gun – Sure Fire Sauce Dispenser

condiment gun

Condiment Gun - The Sure Fire Sauce Dispenser This is a fun and easy way to make sure you get your mustard on that hamburger at the backyard BBQ. The gun has with it,  2 reusable cartridges and is best for non-chunky sauces. It's over 9 inches long and doesn't require any batteries. recommended for anyone old enough not to squirt others. Whoops......, I guess that leaves me out! Teach Gun … [Read more...]

Superman Ceramic Stein – 20oz Mug

Superman Ceramic Stein

Superman Ceramic Stein! Superman has his own "Man Cave" called the Fortress of Solitude. You gotta imagine that he just likes to kick back sometimes.  You can see him relaxing with some super tunes (trying to tune out all those cries for help from his super hearing), playing some video games (probably not Batman: Arkham Asylum), and drinking a tasty beverage from a super cool stein like the one … [Read more...]

Frozen Peas Ice Ball Mold – Squeezed Into Drinks

frozen peas ice ball mold

    Frozen Peas Ice Ball Mold ; Japanese Edamame Beans that Squeeze Ice Balls! The make spherical ice balls that look cool in a drink and due to their round shape, melt slower than cubes. However, the fun part in squeezing these out! In japan, not only is it a popular side dish, but they have also made pea toys that squeeze out beans. Good Times! Product Description Made from … [Read more...]

Muffin Top Molds for Your Muffin – Set of 4

Muffin Tops

  Stuffing My Muffin Top! I bet this is the first time in your life that you have said "I want muffin tops". These 4 silicon muffin molds that look like jeans is a fun  way to break the ice at a party. "did you see her muffin tops" will take a whole new meaning. These could also be used for when you have a weak moment and make some decadent chocolate chip muffins and want to remind … [Read more...]

Sherlock and Watson Cookie Cutters

Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 11.35.10 PM

Ok all you Sherlock Fans out there, here is the perfect gadget to help you bake great cookies for the next Sherlock watching party. For all you non-sherlockians, this is based on the latest British series starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman. Hey, make 221 of them and see if the true fans can figure out the "221B Baker Street" reference. It's certainly not going to be … [Read more...]

Make a Perfect Cup of Coffee – My Cuppa

cuppa coffee2

  Create your own perfect cup of coffee every time with this ingenious mug. You just find what blend of coffee, sugar, and creamer (or milk) makes your favorite cup and match it to the color code on the mug. Then whenever you make coffee again, all you need to do is match it to that same color and you've got it! Also Available in tea mugs. Very Clever! … [Read more...]

Ultimate Grilling Apron – Never Need to Fetch Anything

Ultimate Grilling Apron

Ultimate Grilling Apron It gets tiring always forgetting something when grilling (especially Beer). So you go back inside and get what you need, come back out and everything is burnt! Well maybe sometimes I do get distracted when inside. Anyway, this cool apron allows you to carry everything you need with you to handle the grill (except talent). I especially like the beer munition! It goes well … [Read more...]

Ice Cream Sandwich Maker

ice cream sandwich maker

  So you like chocolate chip cookie dough but you want an actual cookie with your Ice cream. The ice cream sandwich you normally buy has an outside thats really not a cookie (its a soggy mess). There are some sandwiches that feature cookies, but they all are chocolate chip. You want variety! Well this kit provides the ultimate in variety. Heck, I saw one made the other day at a local … [Read more...]

Doctor Who Dalek Tumblers – Set of 5

Dr Who Tumblers

  Here are the Daleks. In the 11th series we have the White Supreme Dalek, Blue Strategist Dalek, Red Drone Dalek, Yellow Eternal Dalek, and of course the Orange Scientist Dalek. These are 16oz. tumblers measuring approximately 7 3/4-inches tall. They all feature a screw-on domed lid and a reusable black straw. "You have been scanned. Assessed. Understood." Available At … [Read more...]

Animal Nose Paper Cups

Animal Nose Cups 2

  There are 24/9 oz cups with 12 different designs. Looks fun up against mouth in the mirror. The kids will love it. … [Read more...]

Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter

st pizza cutter

  Logically, the design of The StarShip Enterprise looks like a pizza cutter. This is a cutter to take you to the final frontier of pizza. It will allow you to seek out new pizza, and boldly go where no pizza has gone before. Product Features; The classic design of the USS Enterprise, now as a pizza cutter Saucer cutter made of laser-etched stainless steel Zinc-chromium alloy … [Read more...]

Zombie Cookie Cutters


  Zombies are still all the rage and now is your chance to show someone some "Zombie Love", my making them a back of cookies with these cookie cutters. Great for a Walking Dead watching party, or if you just want to eat some zombies! Product Features; Set of three zombie themed cookie cutters Use your favorite sugar cookie recipe Cut out the zombies, bake, then decorate! Material: … [Read more...]