iPhone App Fridge Magnets

app fridge magnets 2

  Turn Your Fridge into a Giant iPhone! If you don't get enough time looking at these apps on your phone, here is a fun way to decorate you fridge with "old school" reminders of things to do. Product Description: Total 18 individual epoxy magnets for your Fridge Door Refrigerator Magnet Icons Each measuring 7/8" x 7/8" … [Read more...]

Touchfire Touchscreen Keypad for iPad

touchfire keypad

  First of all, I want to say, I love my iPad 2. It's something I never thought I would need, and now I can't live without. The only problem is, it just can't quite replace a laptop. Especially the typing part. I have stubby fingers and it seems like I am always one finger typing, and accidentally double tapping a letter, etc... . Well the Touchfire Touchscreen solves all that. It overlays … [Read more...]

iPad Stand with Toilet Paper Holder

toilet paper ipad

  Not trying to gross you out, but your hands can get a little busy while sitting on the toilet. More important, unsanitary too. So why not go hands free with this ingenious stand. The only other thing I think it needs is a place for a sign that says "Please Wash Your Hands", afterward. Hopefully your momma raised you right. … [Read more...]

iphone Charger Sticker Faces Set

phone charger sticker faces

  I don't know what happens at your house, but at ours, iPad cords are a powerful commodity that we are constantly sharing, borrowing, hiding, and even stealing from each other. We must have at least 10 floating around the place. Well, now we can personalize them with these fun people stickers. ¬†Each package comes with a set of 4 personalities. The stickers are vinyl and can easily peel … [Read more...]

iGuy – iPad Protector, Stand, and Easy Carrier

I Guy

  Increasingly, your kids are using iPads more and more for watching programs and playing educational apps and games. However, iPads are expensive and do you trust them not to drop it when they are carrying it around? Well here is a cool child friendly way to protect, carry, and display the iPad safely. Product Features; Fits all full-size iPads (even the new iPad!) Plays nice … [Read more...]