Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Chrome TARDIS Floating Pen

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Chrome TARDIS Floating Pen

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Chrome TARDIS Floating Pen Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Chrome TARDIS Floating Pen features a cool silver design along with a floating TARDIS inside of the pen. The pen and TARDIS are colored silver to commemorate Doctor Who's 50th Anniversary. The pen also has the St. John ambulance logo on top.  The barrel of the pen has the wording from the TARDIS's "Public … [Read more...]

Dr Who Sonic Screwdriver Vibrating Toothbrush

Dr Who Sonic Screwdriver Vibrating Toothbrush

Dr Who Sonic Screwdriver Vibrating Toothbrush. Dr Who's Sonic Screwdriver turned into a vibrating toothbrush. This is fully licensed and functioning collectible vibrating toothbrush patterned after one of Dr Who's famous screwdrivers (The eleventh doctor).  Perfect for cleaning your teeth after eating Jammie Dodgers. Is the doctor really a dentist? No, but you know he would recommend keeping … [Read more...]

Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver – Programmable Universal Remote Control

Dr Who Remote Screwdriver

  Ok, now you know this cool remote exists, you know it's a must have remote for watching Dr Who. The sonic screwdriver is the doctors most trusted tool and for many of you, the remote is too. Combine it together and you'll never watch TV again without it. Fully functioning gesture-based programmable universal remote control Compatible with almost all home entertainment equipment, … [Read more...]

Doctor Who Dalek Tumblers – Set of 5

Dr Who Tumblers

  Here are the Daleks. In the 11th series we have the White Supreme Dalek, Blue Strategist Dalek, Red Drone Dalek, Yellow Eternal Dalek, and of course the Orange Scientist Dalek. These are 16oz. tumblers measuring approximately 7 3/4-inches tall. They all feature a screw-on domed lid and a reusable black straw. "You have been scanned. Assessed. Understood." Available At … [Read more...]

Dr Who Yahtzee: Collector’s Edition

dr who yahtzee

  Dr Who plays Yahtzee? I would him for a Dungeons and Dragons sort of guy. Anyway, this is a fun set up of a classic game for all the Dr Who fans out there! Collectible dice cup in the shape of the TARDIS Five custom dice feature iconic Doctor Who foes Licensed by the BBC and a must-have game for Doctor Who fans … [Read more...]

Doctor Who Tardis Hooded One Piece Snuggie Pajama

Tardis Onesie 2

  Doesn't this look cozy? curled up on your couch watching the Doctor travel through time and the universe in his Tardis. It's super soft and have plenty of room to get around (just like the Tardis). There are even slots for thumbs to keep the arms covered and allow you to flick the remote. Navy 100% Polyester One Size Fits Most Unisex Officially Licensed … [Read more...]

Doctor Who Tardis vs Dalek Salt and Pepper Shaker Set

dr who tardis salt shaker

Spy vs. Spy, Ying vs. Yang, Salt vs. Pepper, and Tardis vs. Dalek. The ultimate smbols of good vs. evil set forth in Salt n Pepper sharkers. What's funny is, some doctors will tell you, Salt is bad for you, while pepper is good! Ah, the struggles of life! Note: The Tardis is really quite blue, as it should be. … [Read more...]

Doctor Who Tardis 30″ X 60″ Beach Towel

tardis towel

OK, I must admit, that when Im at the beach, my pale skin, awkward physique, Walking Dead  T-Shirt, and iPad, probably give me away as a true geek. However, just to put an exclamation point on it, I am getting this Dr Who Tardis beach Towel. Come on! You know that it would make a real fasion statement to be wrapped in this big 30 x 60 beach towel! Now I just need to find out where my … [Read more...]

Doctor Who Eleven Doctors Mini-Figure TARDIS Box Set


Doctor Who Eleven Doctors Mini-Figure TARDIS Box Set Do you know all eleven different Doctors? Which was your favorite? What if they worked together? All 11 Doctors from Doctor Who in mini-figure format! Set comes in a sleek TARDIS-styled display box. Compatible with LEGO sets! The ultimate Doctor Who mini-figure set features all 11 incarnations of the Doctor as nicely detailed, 2-inch … [Read more...]