Star Wars Helmet Mood Lights

Mood Lights - Star Wars

I won't bore you with ¬†another overuse Star Wars quote. I'll just tell you that they look very cool and come in either a Vader helmet or a Storm Trooper Helmet. These are especially cool cause their cordless and are illuminated by a 5 LED light and powered by 3 AA batteries. Your also buying an officially licensed Lucasfilm Ltd product, so your supporting your beloved Star Wars … [Read more...]

Star Wars Dark Side Roast Coffee – Vader’s Blend

e732_star_wars_coffee (1)

  Do ever wake up and want to concour the world? Or do you ever wake up and are extrememly cranky? Or do you want to feel like Darth Vader for a Day? Well Thinkgeek has a coffee for you! It was told to me, on good authority, that this blend was used as the exclsive coffee on the Death Star worksite. ¬†ThinkGeek obtained the formula, re-created it, and are now offering it to you … [Read more...]

Star Wars Chewbacca Photo Bomb – Mens T-Shirt

chewy photobomb t shirt

This is clever T-Shirt I saw the other day. It looks like even in a galaxy far away, you have foam fingers. I thought humans were the ultimate proveiers of 'Bad Taste' . Well if any other species could pull it off, I am glad its wookies. Leave it to Chewbacca to deliver the ultimate photo bomb! I wonder if George Lucus also envisioned them with "Instagrams" and "Selifies"! You know if we find … [Read more...]