Samurai Sword Umbrella

Samuri Sword Umbrella 2

  How Do Samurai's Stay Dry When it Rains?   Well modern day Samurai's carry this instead of a sword. Strap it to your back as you walk down the street and get some attention. I like to strap it on during episodes of 'The Walking Dead', pretending I'm Michonne. I know what you single people are saying "Why don't you just get a real Samurai sword". Well those of us who are married … [Read more...]

Afro Samurai Statue with Ninja Ninja

Afro Samurai Statue

Afro Samurai Statue The Anime Warrior! This is a limited edition Afro Samurai statue with Sidekick Ninja Ninja. It is based on the TV Series Produced and voiced by Samuel L. Jackson. The anime series is shown occasionally on Spike TV. Afro Ninja was originally an anime series created by¬†Takashi Okazaki in Japan. It features our warrior with his trusty sidekick (or figment of his imagination) … [Read more...]