Star Trek Learn Klingon PC Program



When I was in High School, I took French from a teacher who didn’t speak any english for the first 6 months. I found out later, she was American. I would love to talk to people in Klingon and have them guess what I’m saying. Of course, if they did understand, they would become an instant friend!

Product Features;

  • The world’s best selling language learning CD-ROM series for beginners
  • Everyday words and phrases translated by Klingon language creator Marc Okrand, including some brand new ones
  • Completely intuitive – simple interface means that learning is as easy as pointing and clicking
  • Speech recording – allows you to compare your voice to the approved pronunciation
  • Quiz yourself! Test what you’ve learnt, earn points and monitor your progress.
  • Nine topics: first words, food, colours, phrases, the body, numbers, time, shopping and countries
  • Intelligent Software – remembers words you get wrong and targets your weak points.
  • Automatic Localisation – Choose the language you learn from (more than 100 available).
  • Printable Dictionary – with colour pictures
  • IPod integration – listen to Talk Now! on your iPod for complete learning on the move!