Nerf Nuke Mortar – Ultimate Nerf Foam Weapon!

nerf nuke


Dr Strangelove would love this Nerf Nuke Mortar!

This is a perfect example where a fun set of toys grow into an emulation of life. Nerf battles used to be simple fun, where everyone had a single shooter that could only take a few foam darts at a time so you were constantly needing to re-load. Then someone brings in a nerd gun with an enlarged dart magazine and then someone brings repeater gatling guns and another a sniper rifle.

Keeping up with the Nerfers!

So this ultimate weapon was inevitable and leave it to Think Geek to find it!

So, when you are left with the final option to destroy everyone in your nerf battle, you have the ultimate nuclear foam mortar. It shoots up to 80 nerd darts for up to 30 ft in all directions. Guaranteed collateral damage ensured!

Product Description:

  • For ages 14 and up.
  • Bring all NERF wars to a quick end with the devastating NERF Nuke.
  • Toss it into battle or launch it with the included NERF Nuke Launcher.
  • The entire NERF Nuke is coated in NERF foamy goodness – for safety.
  • Fires 80 NERF darts in every direction, up to 30 feet, when it hits its target.
  • Compatible with all NERF micro darts.
  • No batteries required – just a desire to annihilate!
  • Includes: NERF Nuke, Launcher with integrated tripod, and 80 NERF micro darts.
  • Dimensions:
    • NERF Nuke: approx. 7″ diameter x 12″ tall.
    • Nuke Launcher: Over 5 feet long!

Sold By ThinkGeek