Downton Abbey The Board Game – Serving the Crawley’s

Downton Abbey GameDownton Abbey Game 2

Yes, the popular British period drama series set in the 1920′s, is now  a board game where each player is either a maid or footman. Your goal is to complete as many tasks and collect the most bells. Of course, you could draw a “Carson Card”, which like the head butler, can send you off to a completely different destination which can either help them or hurt them in their task quest. So while you wait for the Crawley’s to come back for another season, you can keep yourself amused by this fun game. As long as you remember your place.

Product Description

The fast moving game that transports you into the world of Downton Abbey. Starting in the Servants’ Hall, each player is dealt Destination cards which have varying values indicated by the number of bells on the card. This relates to how important or difficult the task is. The player must then navigate their way around the corridors and stairs of the Abbey, throwing the dice to determine how many moves they can make. Once they reach the destination of a task, they collect their bell tokens, and the next player throws the dice to set off for the next job.