Discorobo Dancing Robot – By Tosey

disco rob dancing robotDiscorobo Dancing Robot – By Tosey

Discorobo Dancing Robot by Tosey dances to the beat with over 56 moves and 8 facial expressions. The harder the beat, the more it grooves. You can create a beat with hand clapping, feet stomping, or even pot banging. Discorobo will also dance to your favorite tunes so you can challenge it to a dance competition. There are 4 different colors and facial designs to choose. ”

Pair 2 together and watch them interact and dance together.

Also download app from tosy.com and choreograph discorobo’s dances as well as chat with it.

Product Details:

    • 9.2 inches tall
    • Weight is 1.2 lbs.
    • Takes 8 AA batteries – not included
    • Ages 4+

“Dance, I Say, Dance!”