Condiment Gun – Sure Fire Sauce Dispenser

condiment Gun

Condiment Gun – The Sure Fire Sauce Dispenser

This is a fun and easy way to make sure you get your mustard on that hamburger at the backyard BBQ. The gun has with it,  2 reusable cartridges and is best for non-chunky sauces. It’s over 9 inches long and doesn’t require any batteries. recommended for anyone old enough not to squirt others. Whoops……, I guess that leaves me out!

Teach Gun safety. There is nothing worse than too much firepower on the sandwich. We don’t want collateral damage!

Product Description:

    • One condiment gun and two reusable cartridges
    • Gun measures 6″ H x 9″ L
    • Works best with non-chunky condiments and sauces
    • No batteries required
    • Hand wash in soapy water