Chocolate Game Controller – Defeat Your Sweet Tooth!

Chocolate Game Controller


Chocolate Game Controller. Defeat Your Sweet Tooth!

Chocolate Game Controller is a great gift for your video game geek.

Their is no use trying to buy them something for outdoors and your not going to get them up off the couch with any activity based gift you buy. So why not just get them what they want, and let them know that you still love and appreciate them with this milk chocolate game controller. It’s perfect for those who go geeky over their nintendo, xbox, and playstation consoles. This ships from the UK, so if you get it shipped anywhere else, buy lots to save shipping. the console is quite small. Measures 150 x 115 x 20mm

I also included another one from Amazon US, that is not as cool, but the same concept.

I would buy these only as novelties as some reviewers weren’t overly impressed with the chocolate flavor and thought it a little small.

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