Walking Dead Table Lamp – Zombie Hand Stands 21″ Tall

Walking Dead table lamp

Walking Dead Table Lamp - Zombie Hand Stands 21" Tall Walking Dead Table Lamp features a zombie hand reaching up to a light with a lampshade featuring a staring walker. This isn't exactly designed to look fashionable in a room, but it is perfect for a man cave. If you are a totally geeky fan of AMC's ' The Walking Dead', your idea of a beautiful lamp is probably a little … [Read more...]

Walking Dead – Daryl w/ Chopper Action Figure – McFarlane Toys

Daryl Chopper

An instant - must have for all you Walking Dead Action Figure fans. This was created with meticulous detail using 3 D scans of Norman Reedus's face. It also dresses Daryl in his biker vest and includes his knife and crossbow. The chopper includes lightning bolt and skull & crossbones on the the tank and saddle bags are on back. This action figure gives Daryl the fan respect, he deserves. They … [Read more...]

Worlds Largest Gummi Brain

Gummi Brain

  This is 2 3.5 lb (1.8kg) hunk of massive Gummi perfection. The mold creates detailed grooves and is 7" long x 6" wide. Perfect for any Zombie walk! There is a little bit of discrepancy between the flavor. I think its Fruity Bubblegum. I'll update when mine comes in. Eat a giant delicious brain today! … [Read more...]

Zombie Survival Kit – 3 Day

zombie survival kit 2

  In every Zombie movie you ever see, all the people are surprised when their first Zombie attack happens. If they survive the first attack, then they immediately need to start going out looking for provisions. Hunker down for 3 days and avoid the initial craziness with this survival kit. It includes everything you need to handle the first few days. It also is great to keep in your car, … [Read more...]

Flesh Eating Zombies Play Set

zombie playset

  This set has some great detail. Several of the figurines have missing limbs, and there is a crawling zombie, and a housewife with a brain in her outstretched hand. There is even a Zombie dog. What's even cooler, is they glow in the dark. Its great as a nightlight when I take my afternoon office nap. Product Description; Set of nine glow-in-the-dark flesh eating zombies Turn off … [Read more...]

Scary Shadow Shower Curtain

Scary Shower Curtain 2

  We all wonder whats behind the shower curtain when we flip on the light and walk into the bathroom. You always pull it back and check, don't you. Can you imagine the fright when someone flips on the light and see this shower curtain. Great fun to be had as you here the shriek of terror! Product Features; Image of shadowy figure lurking in your bath Shower curtain hooks … [Read more...]

Blood Energy Potion

Blood energy potion

  This  is a 3.4 oz energy shot that comes in an IV bag and packs 80 mb of caffeine. Tastes like Fruit Punch. You don't need a needle to consume, you just drink it! Great novelty for parties with Vampires. … [Read more...]

Zombie Jerky – Eat Some Zombie Flesh

zombie jerky

Ok, I admit it, I just have trouble getting past the green food color. But it makes a great novelty gift, especally if you want to convince your friends that you eat zombies. However, I never knew zombies tasted like Teryaki! Teriyaki It's beef jerky Delicious Artificial green color May not mean you're a cannibal … [Read more...]

Zombie Cookie Cutters


  Zombies are still all the rage and now is your chance to show someone some "Zombie Love", my making them a back of cookies with these cookie cutters. Great for a Walking Dead watching party, or if you just want to eat some zombies! Product Features; Set of three zombie themed cookie cutters Use your favorite sugar cookie recipe Cut out the zombies, bake, then decorate! Material: … [Read more...]

HexBug Nano – Glow in the Dark Skeleton Orange or Black

hexbug zombie

If you've never seen a nano bug before, they are cool little bug like toys that uses vibrations that make them skittle all over hard surfaces which make them look like bugs. They've been very popular with kids and now Hexbug has come out with an even scarier version (for those of you with bug phobias) that looks like a skeleton, glows in the dark, and comes in it's own little coffin. This is … [Read more...]

Zombie Baby Backpack

zombie baby

This has gotta be the ugliest backpack I've ever seen. Its  a "Must Have" for any person who is a zombie fan with a sense of humor. Fans of the 2004 remake of "Dawn of The Dead" will love it cause it bears a remarkable resemblance to that freaky looking baby born in the mall. A nice detail touch is the brains on the bib. Make no mistake however, this is an actual backpack with one size fits … [Read more...]

The Walking Dead Season 3 Limited Edition [Blu-ray]

walking dead 3 blue ray

The Walking Dead Season 3 Limited Edition [Blu-ray] In this uncertain world, Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and his band of survivors must not only fight the dead, but also face a whole new fear: the living. In this 16 episode season, the series Entertainment Weekly called the “greatest thriller ever produced for television”, Rick and his fellow survivors continue to seek refuge in a desolate … [Read more...]