Chocolate Game Controller – Defeat Your Sweet Tooth!

Screen Shot 2014-04-12 at 4.40.46 PM

  Chocolate Game Controller. Defeat Your Sweet Tooth! Chocolate Game Controller is a great gift for your video game geek. Their is no use trying to buy them something for outdoors and your not going to get them up off the couch with any activity based gift you buy. So why not just get them what they want, and let them know that you still love and appreciate them with this milk chocolate … [Read more...]

Wireless Optical Car Shaped Mouse – 2.4Ghz.

wireless car mouse

    Race through your computer projects with this cool, optical, 2.4Ghz. computer mouse! Headlights light up and it has a very responsive optical tracking. Perfect for any stylish desk. My desk is quickly losing all it's cords as I continue to go wireless! Product Description: • Wireless USB Optical Mouse • Tracking method: Optical • Intelligent network functions • … [Read more...]

Minecraft Plush Pig – 7 inches

minecraft pig

  Ok, they finally created a Minecraft plush that's cute. The creeper may be more iconic, but it doesn't make me wanna cuddle it like the plush pig does. This is the over world pig that are in mobs and you kill for food. Even in Minecraft you can enjoy a good piece of bacon! … [Read more...]

ComRad Gaming Audio Helmet & Headset

Comrad Gaming Helmet

    Call of Duty, Battlefield, Medal of Honor, etc... whatever your tactical shoot 'em up game, this is the headset for you. Immerse your self in the action with this fun helmet that makes you feel like part of the squad. The wireless headset will leave you free to move around and trash talk with confidence. Headsets can get irritating to your ears, but this doesn't cover them and … [Read more...]

Lego Minecraft – The Nether – 21106

Lego 21106

Lego has re-created even more the Minecraft world by producing the Nether Biome. It has the nether portal along with flowing Lava and Flames among the gravel and bedrock. It even has Lego's on re-creation of Flying Ghasts and the wandering Zombie Pigmen. So travel though the Overworld re-create your favorite virtual world where flying Ghasts shoot fireballs and Zombie Pigmen drop golden swords. … [Read more...]

Portal 2 Bookends

Portal 2

  As a test supbect, you'll need access to Aperture Science's Library. These bookends are for holding up the varoius manuals you need to work for the lab. The Bookendsof test subjects at Aperture Science Left side features half of a test subject going through an orange portal Right side features the other half of the test subject coming out the blue portal Officially licensed Portal … [Read more...]

Minecraft Foam Diamond Sword and Pickaxe


  With this set of Minecraft tools, you can use either the sword or the pickaxe to mine for diamonds. A great item to make any minecraft fan happy. This soft phone won't bust through any rock, but it sure will let you pretend. Product Specifications Have a Minecraft tool in each hand! Includes both Diamond Sword and Diamond Pickaxe Crafted from durable EVA foam Officially … [Read more...]

Portal 2 Sentry Turret – USB Desk Defender

portal 2 turret defender 2

  This is perfect for when you are in your office playing Portal 2 and you don't want anyone to see. Just hook up the defender to your computer and watch anyone run away when they see the sides open up and they will get one of 11 programed warnings from the game. It will even react to being knocked over. Product Features:   Officially licensed Portal 2 collectible Motion … [Read more...]

Pacman Plush 6 Inches

pac man plush

  If you have nightmares about ghosts, sleep with this Pac-man plush. He will gobble up the ghosts and keep you safe (or run away, depending on your perspective). Retro is back. Product Features; 6 inch scale plush Soft and cuddly Includes tags Polyester fiber construction Officially licensed … [Read more...]

Assassin’s Creed III Figurine Connor: The Hunter

assasins creed figure

  Ratonhnhaké:ton is also known as Connor (adoptive name),is a Native American Assassin of the Kanien'kehá:ka tribe during the time of the American Revolutionary War in Assassins Creed III video game. He is one of the Assassin's Order and is skilled at climbing trees and shooting a Bow, as he is depicted in this statue. A cool collectible that can go right next to Ezio! Product … [Read more...]

Minecraft Adventure Kids T-Shirt

Minecraft t-shirt

  This is cool new T-Shirt from Jinx and officially licensed by Minecraft. Going on an adventure with your trusty dog and your diamond pickaxe. Watch out, there is a creeper in the background. This is a youth sized shirt made of 100% cotton. … [Read more...]

Portal 2 Companion Cube Tin Lunch Box

portal 2 lunch kit

  The Portal 2 Companion Cube Tin Lunch Kit is from the hit game Portal 2 by Valve.  Now you can carry your cube with in the real world, and it will be as durable as it is in the game (It will scratch). This is officially licensed and Cute! Dimensions: 8" x 8" x 8" Durable, sturdy tin structure with plastic handle. Sold By, & … [Read more...]