Mario Kart 7 Puzzle Circuit Race Track

Mario Kart 7 Puzzle Circuit Race Track

Mario Kart 7 Puzzle Circuit Race Track Mario Kart 7 Puzzle Circuit Track brings Mario Kart to glorious 3D life. This is a customizable mini racing track made like interchangeable puzzle pieces for different road races. There are eight pieces of track and multiple other parts in this set, including corners, gate, greenery and iconic Mario Kart stuff like a mushroom and portal. Finally it … [Read more...]

LEGO Star Wars 75040 General Grievous’ Wheel Bike

LEGO Star Wars 75040 General Grievous' Wheel Bike

LEGO Star Wars 75040 General Grievous' Wheel Bike Star wars has given us several very memorable villains Darth Vader, Emperor Palpatine, Darth Maul, Count Dooku, Boba feet, etc..... However, General Grievous is one of the most exciting with his 4 arms that wield light sabers, to his wheel bike.  his epic battle with Obi-Wan in 'Star Wars: Revenge of The Sith' was an instant … [Read more...]

iphone 5 light up charger cable – Also works with iPad Mini, iPod Touch 5G, and iPad Air

iphone 5 light up charger cable

iphone 5 light up charger cable This is not just a cool looking light up phone and accessory charger. The lights actually start flowing really fast on an empty charge and slow down as device becomes completely charged. Eventually the light shuts off once the device is completely charged. The charges are not slow either. It is almost 32 inches in length which is about the standard length for … [Read more...]

Bobble Brush Toothbrush Holder

Bobble Brush Toothbrush Holder

Bobble Brush Toothbrush Holder Bobble Brush Toothbrush Holder is a cleverly simple way to hold toothbrushes without mess or possible sink/counter contamination. I want this cause I picked up my toothbrush this morning out of my standard cup holder and It tasted like shaving cream, yuk! I don't know if it got set in some, or some got in the cup, I just know it was time for a new toothbrush. This … [Read more...]

Cthulhu BobbleHead – Wacky Wobbler

Cthulhu BobbleHead

Cthulhu BobbleHead or Wacky Wobbler Cthulhu bobblehead is probably one of the best desk accessory for the discerning geek. Cthulhu is writer H.P. Lovecrafts, iconic monster from the 1920's. first featured in the 1926 short story 'The  Call of Cthulhu', the huge creature imprisoned in the sunken city of  R'lyeh and described as a cross between and octopus and Dragon with wings. The beast … [Read more...]

Pandemic Board Game – Can You Save Humanity?

Pandemic Board Game

Pandemic Board Game - Stop The Infection! Pandemic is a fun, co-operative board game that either all of you win or lose, as you corporate to stop and cure four deadly diseases before they wipe out humankind. It's for 2-4 players and each player assumes a role where they must work together to stem constant infectious outbreaks and fined a cure. This is an 2013 updated version of the original game … [Read more...]

Chocolate Game Controller – Defeat Your Sweet Tooth!

Screen Shot 2014-04-12 at 4.40.46 PM

  Chocolate Game Controller. Defeat Your Sweet Tooth! Chocolate Game Controller is a great gift for your video game geek. Their is no use trying to buy them something for outdoors and your not going to get them up off the couch with any activity based gift you buy. So why not just get them what they want, and let them know that you still love and appreciate them with this milk chocolate … [Read more...]

Superman Ceramic Stein – 20oz Mug

Superman Ceramic Stein

Superman Ceramic Stein! Superman has his own "Man Cave" called the Fortress of Solitude. You gotta imagine that he just likes to kick back sometimes.  You can see him relaxing with some super tunes (trying to tune out all those cries for help from his super hearing), playing some video games (probably not Batman: Arkham Asylum), and drinking a tasty beverage from a super cool stein like the one … [Read more...]

Frozen Peas Ice Ball Mold – Squeezed Into Drinks

frozen peas ice ball mold

    Frozen Peas Ice Ball Mold ; Japanese Edamame Beans that Squeeze Ice Balls! The make spherical ice balls that look cool in a drink and due to their round shape, melt slower than cubes. However, the fun part in squeezing these out! In japan, not only is it a popular side dish, but they have also made pea toys that squeeze out beans. Good Times! Product Description Made from … [Read more...]

Nerf Nuke Mortar – Ultimate Nerf Foam Weapon!

Nerf Nuke

  Dr Strangelove would love this Nerf Nuke Mortar! This is a perfect example where a fun set of toys grow into an emulation of life. Nerf battles used to be simple fun, where everyone had a single shooter that could only take a few foam darts at a time so you were constantly needing to re-load. Then someone brings in a nerd gun with an enlarged dart magazine and then someone brings repeater … [Read more...]

Staff of Gandalf the Grey Replica -The Hobbit & LOTR

Staff of Gandalf the Grey

  Staff of Gandalf the Grey from the Hobbit and LOTR Replica Staff of Gandalf the Grey. You will remember it in 'Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring'. This staff was a replica of the one he collapsed the bridge in the caves of Moria when fighting the Balrog and falling into the darkness. As everyone who is still reading this already knows, he comes back as Gandalf the White with … [Read more...]

No Place Like Home T-Shirt – For a Computer Geek

No Place like home

No Place Like Home T-Shirt There's no place like home t-shirt, is a computer programmers inside joke. The clever shirt which substitutes number reference for home, is the IP address of any person's computer they are sitting in front of. Basically, it is the local computer, hence home .....get it? If not, please don't buy this shirt. If so, buy it and have some fun! But beware, you … [Read more...]