Star Trek Catan Board Game – Explore The Final Frontier

Star Trek Catan Board Game

Star Trek Catan Board Game - Explore The Final Frontier I already know what your thinking, "not another game that lamely inserts pop culture that doesn't really fit, just to sell more games". We have seen it done many times before. The few times it has worked are mainly with strategy games like Monopoly. Well, if you've ever played 'Settlers of Catan', you should know that this tie-in really fits … [Read more...]

Star Trek Learn Klingon PC Program


  When I was in High School, I took French from a teacher who didn't speak any english for the first 6 months. I found out later, she was American. I would love to talk to people in Klingon and have them guess what I'm saying. Of course, if they did understand, they would become an instant friend! Product Features; The world's best selling language learning CD-ROM series for … [Read more...]

Star Trek: USS Enterprise Plush

star trek plush

As you crawl into bed, you turn on the Enterprise and the blinking red lights guide you off to sleep. You give your foot long plush a big squeeze and the distinct Enterprise torpedo sounds blast your way into sleep and you dream of exploring galaxies far far away In your dream, you beam down to a strange planet with Kirk, Spock, Bones, and Sulu. As you venture forth, you look down, and to your … [Read more...]

Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter

st pizza cutter

  Logically, the design of The StarShip Enterprise looks like a pizza cutter. This is a cutter to take you to the final frontier of pizza. It will allow you to seek out new pizza, and boldly go where no pizza has gone before. Product Features; The classic design of the USS Enterprise, now as a pizza cutter Saucer cutter made of laser-etched stainless steel Zinc-chromium alloy … [Read more...]

Don’t Mess with Sulu – Star Trek T-Shirt

dont mess with sulu

  When I first watched Star Trek as a kid, I never thought that much of Sulu. I was always focusing on Kirk, Spock, and Bones. Well a few years back, George Takei wrote an autobiography that was both witty and charming. We all fell in love with him and now hes a social media icon that many people follows on twitter and Facebook. His Trade mark "Oh Myyy", has become a fun catch … [Read more...]

Star Trek Spock Cookie Jar

spock Cookie Jar

When I have a weak moment and go over to open Spock up for a cookie, i look at his dour face and I picture him saying " Logic dictates, that with your body, you shouldn't be having one of these". That usually stops me in my tracks, but then I think what Kirk would do and get one anyway. This is a nice size jar and is cool in my kitchen, next to my Dr Who Tardis and Dalek salt n Pepper … [Read more...]