Video Camera Spy Pen

spy pen 2

  Have you ever been in a situation where you are witnessing your office co-worker doing something silly and wish you could record them without them knowing about it? Or have you ever wanted to capture what someone says during contract negotiations? Well here is a pen with a video camera inside that can hook up directly to your computer for downloads. It also holds up to 16gb of memory … [Read more...]

Pocket Photo Smart Mobile Printer for Android Phones

Android Printer

  This mobile printer is pocket size and can print pictures straight from your Android Phone. No ink is needed, because it uses special paper that has the colour built in to it, so that when the Pocket Photo Smart heats up, it activates the colours your photo needs and prints it out – without the need for ink! Product Features Print photos from your smart phone easily, without … [Read more...]

Word Combination Laptop Lock

computer lock

  It really doesn't do much good to password protect your laptop if someone is just going to take the whole thing. Lock up your computer safely and securely to prevent theft with this cool lock which attaches to your laptop. I bet you didn't know that you have a slot to hook it to, did you. It's standard with most laptops. The combination is a 4 letter word that you can set and … [Read more...]

Roku LT Streaming Player


If your like my family, you are watching Netflix, HBO Go, Hulu, and Amazon Prime all on IPads. Some nights, I find my wife and kids huddled up together looking at a tiny IPAD screen. Well , this solves it. You just Hook it up to your TV, plug in the outlet, link it to your Wifi, and start watching! Now it does recommend a high speed 1.2Mbps (such as mid-level DSL). Must have wireless … [Read more...]

Elenco Snap Circuits Lights

Snap Circuits

  Snap Circuits are cool. You can create all sorts of experiments with battery powered electricity, easily and safely. This is the newest one which incorporates lights.  From strobing lights, to infrared and LED color changing LED's to glow-in-the-dark flying fans, Snap Circuits Light is fun! You can even give your music cool lighting effects! This is a great gift for the little … [Read more...]

Tank DIY Headphones with Marker Pens 3.5 mm Jack Plug

DIY Headphones

  Now with these high quality headphones from Aerial7, and included markers (or any other paint, etc...), you can show a little bit of personality, while rocking to your beats. The deign possibilities are only limited by your creativity. My problem is, I would probably want a set to create for every mood and type of music i'm currently listening too. Product Features; Engineered to … [Read more...]

USB Cell AA Rechargeable Batteries

usb batteries

Now, I can recharge my 2AA batteries with my computer with these clever USB rechargable batteries. No need for wasting a wall plug for a battery charger. Now I only need to figure out if I need to pull of My USB Fridge, My USB Mini Vacuum, or maybe even my USB Yoda! Easy Charge from any USB Port - 90% recharged in 5 hours NiMH 1.2v 1300mah AA battery Easy recharge on the go, at home or in … [Read more...]

Magic Wand Remote Control

Wand Remote

Us muggles need a wand too. Especially when we want to watch the entire Harry Potter series back-to-back for the 30th time. Now you can wave your magic wand and change the channel! Great for psrties and to give as gifts. Product Features; Can learn 13 infrared remote control codes and replay them at your command with 13 easy to learn gestures Control almost anything that can be remote … [Read more...]

Ultimate Swiss Army Knife

swiss army knife

This giant Swiss Army knife from Wenger is designed with an incredible 87 implements that perform 141 functions, making it the only tool you'll need to get any job done. Whether in your pack or on display, the Giant Knife is sure to be a conversation starter. Packaged in a Black Plastic Box. You Can't really call this a pocket knife! Product Description From the Manufacturer The Wenger … [Read more...]