Tosy AFO Flash Flyer – Boomerang that Spins and Lights Up

Screen Shot 2014-05-03 at 7.13.16 PM

Tosy AFO Flash Flyer - Boomerang that Spins and Lights up Tosy AFO Flash Flyer spins like a top as it flies through the air and lights up for a cool light show. Then it comes back to you like the ultimate boomerang. It flies up to 40 feet lighting up with and LED light. you can use it both indoor and outdoor as it has a cool spinning top that allows it to spin on a ceiling or even a wall. It … [Read more...]

Discorobo Dancing Robot – By Tosey

discorobo dancing robot

Discorobo Dancing Robot - By Tosey Discorobo Dancing Robot by Tosey dances to the beat with over 56 moves and 8 facial expressions. The harder the beat, the more it grooves. You can create a beat with hand clapping, feet stomping, or even pot banging. Discorobo will also dance to your favorite tunes so you can challenge it to a dance competition. There are 4 different colors and facial designs … [Read more...]

Switch Pitch Color Changing Ball – By Hoberman

Switch Pitch Color Changing Ball

Switch Pitch Color Changing Ball Switch Pitch Color Changing Ball from Hoberman changes colors in mid-air when tossed! It's one color when pitched, and it's another color when caught. It's a very clever design which utilizes the air flow created when pitched to flip the configuration, inside out. It comes in various colors which ship randomly. The younger kids find it magical! … [Read more...]

Mario Kart 7 Puzzle Circuit Race Track

Mario Kart 7 Puzzle Circuit Race Track

Mario Kart 7 Puzzle Circuit Race Track Mario Kart 7 Puzzle Circuit Track brings Mario Kart to glorious 3D life. This is a customizable mini racing track made like interchangeable puzzle pieces for different road races. There are eight pieces of track and multiple other parts in this set, including corners, gate, greenery and iconic Mario Kart stuff like a mushroom and portal. Finally it … [Read more...]

Frozen Peas Ice Ball Mold – Squeezed Into Drinks

frozen peas ice ball mold

    Frozen Peas Ice Ball Mold ; Japanese Edamame Beans that Squeeze Ice Balls! The make spherical ice balls that look cool in a drink and due to their round shape, melt slower than cubes. However, the fun part in squeezing these out! In japan, not only is it a popular side dish, but they have also made pea toys that squeeze out beans. Good Times! Product Description Made from … [Read more...]

Samurai Sword Umbrella

Samuri Sword Umbrella 2

  How Do Samurai's Stay Dry When it Rains?   Well modern day Samurai's carry this instead of a sword. Strap it to your back as you walk down the street and get some attention. I like to strap it on during episodes of 'The Walking Dead', pretending I'm Michonne. I know what you single people are saying "Why don't you just get a real Samurai sword". Well those of us who are married … [Read more...]

Japanese Kit Kat Candy -Green Matcha Tea Flavor

japanese green tea kit kat

    These may look a little green for someone like myself who's "allergic" (wink,wink) to green food, however, they have a nice green tea taste.  This is a pack with 12 individual mini wrapped Kit Kat, who like any other form of chocolate, is best eaten nice and cold from the refrigerator. The only problem is that there are only 12 mini's in the package, so I can't share! … [Read more...]

Geisha Doll Bento Box Set

geisha bento box

Japanese geisha doll bento box set has two tiered separate compartments, and the top tier has a press on lid to prevent leaks. The bowl is included for soups  and a elastic band is included to keep it all together. This is perfect for lunches of sushi, rice, and soup. Show everyone you're a Japanophile with this cute set. … [Read more...]

NanoBlocks Mini Blocks That Make Cool Things


  These are not Lego, they are smaller and they make really awesome things like the Statue of Liberty (shown is 650 pieces! and is 3.125 w x 3.125d x 7.69 h), Big Ben, and other famous Places. They also make animals like meerkats and Giraffes as well as musical instruments like Pianos and Violins. All these things are really tiny with many pieces. For big clumsy hands like mine, its a … [Read more...]

Ramune Japanese Soft Drink

ramune Sodas

  Ramune Sodas are Japanese drinks which are known for carbonated, fruity flavors, as well as their unique bottle design. The glass bottle is sealed with a glass marble. To open you must push the marble down into the bottle. Perfect complement to eating pocky and watching Anime. … [Read more...]

Domo BackPack

Domo Backpack

  Take Domo to School or anywhere it's wanted. Its sawtoothed face is felt on the soft plush front with spacious main zippered compartment, zippered front pocket, zippered side pouches and padded adjustable straps. The soft furry Domo backpack can gobble up all your books and still feel still feel comfortable. Its Approximately 15"L x 5.5"W x 17"H, and will carry many school … [Read more...]

Super Mario Bros 3D Jigsaw Puzzle

3d japanese puzzle mario2

  Fun little Japanese import puzzle designed to be put together and decorate any room and/or shelf.  Who doesn't  like Mario and his gang? Officially Licensed 39 piece Height 9cm (3.54in) … [Read more...]