iphone Charger Sticker Faces Set

phone charger sticker faces

  I don't know what happens at your house, but at ours, iPad cords are a powerful commodity that we are constantly sharing, borrowing, hiding, and even stealing from each other. We must have at least 10 floating around the place. Well, now we can personalize them with these fun people stickers.  Each package comes with a set of 4 personalities. The stickers are vinyl and can easily peel … [Read more...]

Avengers Flash Drives

avengers flash drives

  Avengers, assemble all your data in one place with these fun USB Flash Drives (Sold Separately).  They hold 8Gb of data and use USB 2.0 ports. … [Read more...]

Pocket Photo Smart Mobile Printer for Android Phones

Android Printer

  This mobile printer is pocket size and can print pictures straight from your Android Phone. No ink is needed, because it uses special paper that has the colour built in to it, so that when the Pocket Photo Smart heats up, it activates the colours your photo needs and prints it out – without the need for ink! Product Features Print photos from your smart phone easily, without … [Read more...]

Dancing Fountain Light Show Speakers

dancing fountain speakers

  Create your own water fountain light show with these cool speakers. Powered using USB connection to USB any compatible devices. It gives you a cool effect in the dark. Also has AC Adapter included. Have your own Dance Party! Plug your iPod, mp3 player or computer in and start the music Water bounces to the beat Multi-colored LEDs light up the water Comes with water inside … [Read more...]

iGuy – iPad Protector, Stand, and Easy Carrier

I Guy

  Increasingly, your kids are using iPads more and more for watching programs and playing educational apps and games. However, iPads are expensive and do you trust them not to drop it when they are carrying it around? Well here is a cool child friendly way to protect, carry, and display the iPad safely. Product Features; Fits all full-size iPads (even the new iPad!) Plays nice … [Read more...]

Wireless Solar Power Speaker – Eton Rukus

Wireless Solar Power Speaker 2

  This is a great portable sound system that runs on solar power and connects to your portable music with bluetooth. You can take it anywhere, and as long as you have solar power, you never need to worry about running out of power. Product Features Bluetooth Sound System with Solar Panel Play music from Bluetooth enabled smartphone, tablet or PC AC power and/or solar power E … [Read more...]

Time Machine Tabletop Clock

time machine clock

  This uses perfectly timed steel ball movement to keep track of the time.This fun device releases dozens of shiny chrome steel balls along an elaborate course to enable the telling of the time. You'll find yourself watching the clock every minute for movement. I've even timed it to a stopwatch just for fun! Product Description; High quality spiral track 3 drop/connecting … [Read more...]

Brainwave Emotion Controlled Cat Ears


These fun Japanese cosplay ears react to your brainwaves twisting around and up down emulating a cute little cat. The magic is, they do it through manipulating your brainwaves!.  They are totally pointless and very fun. Especially if you want to attract attention. But isn't that the point of cosplay? Product Features; Move the ears with your emotions Easy to wear and simple to use 4 … [Read more...]

Star Wars Lightsaber Toothbrush – Lights Up

Star Wars Toothbrush

  Great Toothbrush to teach your young Jedi (or Sith's) to Brush there teeth more often and longer. The toothbrush lights up for one minute. May the force be with (and in)your teeth. Soft Bristles Clean Between Teeth Lightsaber Flashes For 1 Minute Encourages Longer Brushing Batteries included Unique lightsaber design for each Star Wars character. … [Read more...]

Word Combination Laptop Lock

computer lock

  It really doesn't do much good to password protect your laptop if someone is just going to take the whole thing. Lock up your computer safely and securely to prevent theft with this cool lock which attaches to your laptop. I bet you didn't know that you have a slot to hook it to, did you. It's standard with most laptops. The combination is a 4 letter word that you can set and … [Read more...]

Roku LT Streaming Player


If your like my family, you are watching Netflix, HBO Go, Hulu, and Amazon Prime all on IPads. Some nights, I find my wife and kids huddled up together looking at a tiny IPAD screen. Well , this solves it. You just Hook it up to your TV, plug in the outlet, link it to your Wifi, and start watching! Now it does recommend a high speed 1.2Mbps (such as mid-level DSL). Must have wireless … [Read more...]

Elenco Snap Circuits Lights

Snap Circuits

  Snap Circuits are cool. You can create all sorts of experiments with battery powered electricity, easily and safely. This is the newest one which incorporates lights.  From strobing lights, to infrared and LED color changing LED's to glow-in-the-dark flying fans, Snap Circuits Light is fun! You can even give your music cool lighting effects! This is a great gift for the little … [Read more...]