DIY Nixie Tube Thermometer Kit

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Real nixie tubes are the "LEDs" of yesteryear. They proudly displayed their digits on scientific equipment, voltmeters, counters, and control panels. While they're no longer in production, Thinkgeek has managed to scrounge up some limited edition DIY sets that let you build your own Nixie Tube Thermometer. You'll need a few skillz to put it together, but if you can wield a soldering iron and … [Read more...]

CueLight Interactive Pool Table From Obscura


If I had a spare $80,000 (plus table) and wanted a pool table, this would be it. Imagine the images following around the balls as they move along the table. or a blank screen that reveals an underlying image as the balls roll over. The image is actually being projected from overhead, so the pool table can play as normal. Gizmodo reports that the company is working on software that will help you … [Read more...]