Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver – Programmable Universal Remote Control

Dr Who Remote Screwdriver

  Ok, now you know this cool remote exists, you know it's a must have remote for watching Dr Who. The sonic screwdriver is the doctors most trusted tool and for many of you, the remote is too. Combine it together and you'll never watch TV again without it. Fully functioning gesture-based programmable universal remote control Compatible with almost all home entertainment equipment, … [Read more...]

Glow-In-The-Dark Toilet Roll


  Now you can stumble into the bathroom late at night and always find the toilet paper because it glows! But really, you know it would really be fun Toilet Papering houses on Halloween. Not that I am advocating the prank! Glow in the dark toilet roll Perfect novelty gift Always find the toilet paper, even in the dark Perfect for power outages or glow in the dark mummy outfits … [Read more...]

Zombie Survival Kit – 3 Day

zombie survival kit 2

  In every Zombie movie you ever see, all the people are surprised when their first Zombie attack happens. If they survive the first attack, then they immediately need to start going out looking for provisions. Hunker down for 3 days and avoid the initial craziness with this survival kit. It includes everything you need to handle the first few days. It also is great to keep in your car, … [Read more...]

Portal 2 Sentry Turret – USB Desk Defender

portal 2 turret defender 2

  This is perfect for when you are in your office playing Portal 2 and you don't want anyone to see. Just hook up the defender to your computer and watch anyone run away when they see the sides open up and they will get one of 11 programed warnings from the game. It will even react to being knocked over. Product Features:   Officially licensed Portal 2 collectible Motion … [Read more...]

Color Changing Chameleon Lamp

huey lamp

  This is one fun lamp who's technology was just too expensive 5 years ago. Huey (as ThinkGeek named him) lights the surface underneath him with two hidden white LEDs then uses a sophisticated optical sensor to determine the correct color. He then matches this color by adjusting the shade of numerous multi-color LED's imbedded in his body. Man these kids toys are getting … [Read more...]

Make a Perfect Cup of Coffee – My Cuppa

cuppa coffee2

  Create your own perfect cup of coffee every time with this ingenious mug. You just find what blend of coffee, sugar, and creamer (or milk) makes your favorite cup and match it to the color code on the mug. Then whenever you make coffee again, all you need to do is match it to that same color and you've got it! Also Available in tea mugs. Very Clever! … [Read more...]

Connectible Drinking Straws

connect drinking straws

  You've tried connecting straws by crimping the ends and sliding it in one another. You end up with a long straight one that you can hardly get any drink from. Then you forced your mom to get you crazy straws, which were cool but could only do one design. Now comes the ultimate straw construction kit with 44 dishwasher safe pieces plus rubber connectors (comes in several colors) that … [Read more...]

Geisha Doll Bento Box Set

geisha bento box

Japanese geisha doll bento box set has two tiered separate compartments, and the top tier has a press on lid to prevent leaks. The bowl is included for soups  and a elastic band is included to keep it all together. This is perfect for lunches of sushi, rice, and soup. Show everyone you're a Japanophile with this cute set. … [Read more...]

Bath Buzz Caffeinated Peppermint Soap

bath buzz

This soap is not just for us caffeine addicts. Its not designed to put more caffeine in your bloodstream (there are plenty other items to do that). It does however create a refreshing tingling sensation on your skin that can revitalize you. I can give you a great little "pick me up" to your morning shower and as an added bonus, you'll get clean too! One Bar of Caffeinated Soap 200mg of … [Read more...]

Star Wars: Boba Fett Neon Sign

Boba Fett Lamp

  Boba Fett- The Bounty Hunter who captured Hans Solo for Jabba the Hutt. He is a favorite for many Star Wars fans. You can have his iconic image glow in your room for all to see that enter. I love neon, its seems to fit right in with space things like Star Wars. Product Features: A Diamond Select Item Designed by Art Asylum Sign measures 11.5" high Base allows for wall … [Read more...]

Thor Hammer 3D Nightlight

thor hammer nightlight

  This looks like thor just threw this into your wall! I like it. There are several other marvel characters with their signature looks breaking through the wall, but this one is the best. Don't try and pull it out, it's heavy (not really). Product Features; Safe - Cordless, battery operated Efficient - Uses LED bulbs Cool - Never gets hot to touch Green - Never change the … [Read more...]

iPad Stand with Toilet Paper Holder

toilet paper ipad

  Not trying to gross you out, but your hands can get a little busy while sitting on the toilet. More important, unsanitary too. So why not go hands free with this ingenious stand. The only other thing I think it needs is a place for a sign that says "Please Wash Your Hands", afterward. Hopefully your momma raised you right. … [Read more...]