Light Up Rubik’s Cube Working Puzzle

Light Up Rubik's Cube

Light Up Rubik's Cube This is a fully licensed, 100% functioning Rubiks' cube puzzle. It charges with a USB cord and the company says it will light up for a couple of hours. Of course, I can see leaving it hooked up for an awesome desk light decoration. The Cube comes with a small stand for easy display. It would work better like that anyway, cause I certainly haven't figured out how to solve … [Read more...]

Walking Dead Table Lamp – Zombie Hand Stands 21″ Tall

Walking Dead table lamp

Walking Dead Table Lamp - Zombie Hand Stands 21" Tall Walking Dead Table Lamp features a zombie hand reaching up to a light with a lampshade featuring a staring walker. This isn't exactly designed to look fashionable in a room, but it is perfect for a man cave. If you are a totally geeky fan of AMC's ' The Walking Dead', your idea of a beautiful lamp is probably a little … [Read more...]

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Chrome TARDIS Floating Pen

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Chrome TARDIS Floating Pen

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Chrome TARDIS Floating Pen Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Chrome TARDIS Floating Pen features a cool silver design along with a floating TARDIS inside of the pen. The pen and TARDIS are colored silver to commemorate Doctor Who's 50th Anniversary. The pen also has the St. John ambulance logo on top.  The barrel of the pen has the wording from the TARDIS's "Public … [Read more...]

How to Swear Around the World

How to Swear Around the World

How to Swear Around the World. I don't care where you live, the first words you typically learn when moving to a foreign country are greetings, requests, and curse words. Usually curse words are learned because they are quite often used on you by the native speakers as you fumble through the cultural differences of everyday life. Well, you can at least respond back with this fun, informative book … [Read more...]

Condiment Gun – Sure Fire Sauce Dispenser

condiment gun

Condiment Gun - The Sure Fire Sauce Dispenser This is a fun and easy way to make sure you get your mustard on that hamburger at the backyard BBQ. The gun has with it,  2 reusable cartridges and is best for non-chunky sauces. It's over 9 inches long and doesn't require any batteries. recommended for anyone old enough not to squirt others. Whoops......, I guess that leaves me out! Teach Gun … [Read more...]

Bobble Brush Toothbrush Holder

Bobble Brush Toothbrush Holder

Bobble Brush Toothbrush Holder Bobble Brush Toothbrush Holder is a cleverly simple way to hold toothbrushes without mess or possible sink/counter contamination. I want this cause I picked up my toothbrush this morning out of my standard cup holder and It tasted like shaving cream, yuk! I don't know if it got set in some, or some got in the cup, I just know it was time for a new toothbrush. This … [Read more...]

Cthulhu BobbleHead – Wacky Wobbler

Cthulhu BobbleHead

Cthulhu BobbleHead or Wacky Wobbler Cthulhu bobblehead is probably one of the best desk accessory for the discerning geek. Cthulhu is writer H.P. Lovecrafts, iconic monster from the 1920's. first featured in the 1926 short story 'The  Call of Cthulhu', the huge creature imprisoned in the sunken city of  R'lyeh and described as a cross between and octopus and Dragon with wings. The beast … [Read more...]

Superman Ceramic Stein – 20oz Mug

Superman Ceramic Stein

Superman Ceramic Stein! Superman has his own "Man Cave" called the Fortress of Solitude. You gotta imagine that he just likes to kick back sometimes.  You can see him relaxing with some super tunes (trying to tune out all those cries for help from his super hearing), playing some video games (probably not Batman: Arkham Asylum), and drinking a tasty beverage from a super cool stein like the one … [Read more...]

Bicycle Green Eco Edition Playing Cards – Recyclable

Bicycle Green Eco Edition Playing Cards

Bicycle Green Eco Edition Playing Cards. Gamble on Green! Bicycle Green Eco Edition playing cards are made for the smart person who would prefer to play games with people, rather than mother earth. It's amazing to realize at all the things that we buy and use that are not recyclable. Who really thinks about things like playing cards? So, if you want to make a difference, but are overwhelmed by … [Read more...]

Desktop Electric Fireplace – Beautiful Warmth

Desktop Electric Fireplace

Desktop Electric Fireplace. Your Desk has a Fire! This Desktop Electric fireplace keeps your office, nice and warm. It's actually over 12 inches tall and delivers 750 to 1500 watts of power with 2 different settings, so it really can keep you warm while looking at the the nice relaxing fire.  Or you can just look at the fire without the heat. Just don't get too comfortable and fall asleep, cause … [Read more...]

Wireless Optical Car Shaped Mouse – 2.4Ghz.

wireless car mouse

    Race through your computer projects with this cool, optical, 2.4Ghz. computer mouse! Headlights light up and it has a very responsive optical tracking. Perfect for any stylish desk. My desk is quickly losing all it's cords as I continue to go wireless! Product Description: • Wireless USB Optical Mouse • Tracking method: Optical • Intelligent network functions • … [Read more...]

Samurai Sword Umbrella

Samuri Sword Umbrella 2

  How Do Samurai's Stay Dry When it Rains?   Well modern day Samurai's carry this instead of a sword. Strap it to your back as you walk down the street and get some attention. I like to strap it on during episodes of 'The Walking Dead', pretending I'm Michonne. I know what you single people are saying "Why don't you just get a real Samurai sword". Well those of us who are married … [Read more...]