Crunchy Marshmallows Only – Cereal

cereal marshmallows 2

  How much time and effort do you spend picking the marshmallows out of your regular cereals with marshmallows. Well now there is a solution, crunchy marshmallows without the cereal. Every bite will be a mouthful of sweet crunchy marshmallow goodness. Also great for cocoa too! Comes in bulk packages by many suppliers on … [Read more...]

Blood Energy Potion

Blood energy potion

  This ¬†is a 3.4 oz energy shot that comes in an IV bag and packs 80 mb of caffeine. Tastes like Fruit Punch. You don't need a needle to consume, you just drink it! Great novelty for parties with Vampires. … [Read more...]

Astronaut Ice Cream and Space Food Sticks – Mission Pack

Astronaut Pack2

  Feel like an astronaut while you are enjoying these great freeze dried treats. This is a perfect gift for your any young astronaut . This stuff is very good with a unique crispy texture. Lots of Fun! Pack Contains; 3 different freeze-dried Astronaut Ice Creams (freeze-dried Astronaut Neapolitan Ice Cream, freeze-dried Astronaut Astronaut Ice Cream Sandwich, freeze-dried Chocolate … [Read more...]

Zombie Jerky – Eat Some Zombie Flesh

zombie jerky

Ok, I admit it, I just have trouble getting past the green food color. But it makes a great novelty gift, especally if you want to convince your friends that you eat zombies. However, I never knew zombies tasted like Teryaki! Teriyaki It's beef jerky Delicious Artificial green color May not mean you're a cannibal … [Read more...]

Neri Candy Land Kracie Popin’ Cookin’ DIY Candy Kit

diy japanese candy

    This is a fun little Japanese Import form Kracie. You can make your own little Japanese candy (if you can follow instructions in Japenese). Fun little novelty gift. Product Description; DIY set for shaping figures and animals from colourful candy material, with shaping ideas and colour examples, flavour: grape and soda by Kracie, Import from Japan Popin' Cookin' is a … [Read more...]

Star Wars Dark Side Roast Coffee – Vader’s Blend

e732_star_wars_coffee (1)

  Do ever wake up and want to concour the world? Or do you ever wake up and are extrememly cranky? Or do you want to feel like Darth Vader for a Day? Well Thinkgeek has a coffee for you! It was told to me, on good authority, that this blend was used as the exclsive coffee on the Death Star worksite. ¬†ThinkGeek obtained the formula, re-created it, and are now offering it to you … [Read more...]