Bob’s Frozen Pickle Ice Pops – 18ct (3-6pks)

Bob's Frozen Pickle Ice Pops

Bob's Frozen Pickle Ice Pops - Real Pickle Juice I saw this on the food network show 'unwrapped'  the other day and thought it looked kinda interesting. When we were younger, we used to freeze pickles and suck on them and we also sometimes squeezed pickles into our water for that sour taste. Of course those were the olden days when you could buy pickles from a jar at your local 7-11 or minute … [Read more...]

Chocolate Game Controller – Defeat Your Sweet Tooth!

Screen Shot 2014-04-12 at 4.40.46 PM

  Chocolate Game Controller. Defeat Your Sweet Tooth! Chocolate Game Controller is a great gift for your video game geek. Their is no use trying to buy them something for outdoors and your not going to get them up off the couch with any activity based gift you buy. So why not just get them what they want, and let them know that you still love and appreciate them with this milk chocolate … [Read more...]

Frozen Peas Ice Ball Mold – Squeezed Into Drinks

frozen peas ice ball mold

    Frozen Peas Ice Ball Mold ; Japanese Edamame Beans that Squeeze Ice Balls! The make spherical ice balls that look cool in a drink and due to their round shape, melt slower than cubes. However, the fun part in squeezing these out! In japan, not only is it a popular side dish, but they have also made pea toys that squeeze out beans. Good Times! Product Description Made from … [Read more...]

Muffin Top Molds for Your Muffin – Set of 4

Muffin Tops

  Stuffing My Muffin Top! I bet this is the first time in your life that you have said "I want muffin tops". These 4 silicon muffin molds that look like jeans is a fun  way to break the ice at a party. "did you see her muffin tops" will take a whole new meaning. These could also be used for when you have a weak moment and make some decadent chocolate chip muffins and want to remind … [Read more...]

Bacon & Chocolate Pancake Mix


  If your a chocolate lover, you probably know that chocolate chip pancakes are the Best! If your a bacon aficionado, then you have probably heard that bacon goes good with chocolate (well bacon goes with pretty much everything). So here they combine bacon and chocolate into a pancake and create something awesome! Combines the Vosges Bacon Bar with fluffy flapjacks Spotted … [Read more...]

Sherlock and Watson Cookie Cutters

Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 11.35.10 PM

Ok all you Sherlock Fans out there, here is the perfect gadget to help you bake great cookies for the next Sherlock watching party. For all you non-sherlockians, this is based on the latest British series starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman. Hey, make 221 of them and see if the true fans can figure out the "221B Baker Street" reference. It's certainly not going to be … [Read more...]

Japanese Kit Kat Candy -Green Matcha Tea Flavor

japanese green tea kit kat

    These may look a little green for someone like myself who's "allergic" (wink,wink) to green food, however, they have a nice green tea taste.  This is a pack with 12 individual mini wrapped Kit Kat, who like any other form of chocolate, is best eaten nice and cold from the refrigerator. The only problem is that there are only 12 mini's in the package, so I can't share! … [Read more...]

Worlds Largest Gummi Brain

Gummi Brain

  This is 2 3.5 lb (1.8kg) hunk of massive Gummi perfection. The mold creates detailed grooves and is 7" long x 6" wide. Perfect for any Zombie walk! There is a little bit of discrepancy between the flavor. I think its Fruity Bubblegum. I'll update when mine comes in. Eat a giant delicious brain today! … [Read more...]

Tunnock’s 6 Milk Chocolate Tea Cakes


  Many of my UK friends will know how good these are, but its time to share.  It is a shortbread cookie base with a marshmallow type soft whipped topping on top and a milk chocolate covering. They are best served warm and can best be described as tasting a lot like a s'more. Please forgive me if I am not the greatest describer of this, but trust me, its good. Product … [Read more...]

Ramune Japanese Soft Drink

ramune Sodas

  Ramune Sodas are Japanese drinks which are known for carbonated, fruity flavors, as well as their unique bottle design. The glass bottle is sealed with a glass marble. To open you must push the marble down into the bottle. Perfect complement to eating pocky and watching Anime. … [Read more...]

The Simpsons Duff Energy Drink

Duff Energy Drink

  Now you know that Duff isn't a real beer. It's a fictional beer that Homer Simpson drinks in the Simpson TV show. This Duff has the same look, but its an energy drink. It's great to serve when watching the Simpsons or whenever you need a little Pick-Me-Up! Great for the true Simpsons Fans! … [Read more...]

Star Wars Mints

Star Wars Mints

Sith Lords and Jedi's both need fresh breath to adequately use the force. These are cool reusable tins with little R2-D2's and flattened Deathstars inside. They are approximately 2 inches tall. Sold Buy and also & … [Read more...]