LEGO Super Heroes 6866: Wolverine’s Chopper Showdown

Lego 6866

Wolverine Chopper Showdown with Magneto and Deadpool are attacking Wolverine with their helicopter. The Helicopter is from the movie  X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Set includes 3 minifigures: Wolverine, Magneto and Deadpool. The main reason for this being so cool, I get a Deadpool mini figure! Vehicles include Deadpool's helicopter and Wolverine's Chopper; Deadpool's helicopter features 4 … [Read more...]

Back To The Future The DeLorean Time Machine Lego 21103

Bsck To Future

This is a Lego Cuusoo winner. If you don't know what Lego Cuusoo is, check out the website. Basically Cuusoo means "wish" in Japanese. We wanted a Delorean from "Back To The Future" and now we got it! This has many awesome details, like gull-wing doors that open up like a DeLorean, fold-up wheels, flux capacitor, time travel display and 2 license plates. There is also extra engines and wheels so … [Read more...]

NanoBlocks Mini Blocks That Make Cool Things


  These are not Lego, they are smaller and they make really awesome things like the Statue of Liberty (shown is 650 pieces! and is 3.125 w x 3.125d x 7.69 h), Big Ben, and other famous Places. They also make animals like meerkats and Giraffes as well as musical instruments like Pianos and Violins. All these things are really tiny with many pieces. For big clumsy hands like mine, its a … [Read more...]

Assassin’s Creed III Figurine Connor: The Hunter

assasins creed figure

  Ratonhnhaké:ton is also known as Connor (adoptive name),is a Native American Assassin of the Kanien'kehá:ka tribe during the time of the American Revolutionary War in Assassins Creed III video game. He is one of the Assassin's Order and is skilled at climbing trees and shooting a Bow, as he is depicted in this statue. A cool collectible that can go right next to Ezio! Product … [Read more...]

Star Wars: Boba Fett Neon Sign

Boba Fett Lamp

  Boba Fett- The Bounty Hunter who captured Hans Solo for Jabba the Hutt. He is a favorite for many Star Wars fans. You can have his iconic image glow in your room for all to see that enter. I love neon, its seems to fit right in with space things like Star Wars. Product Features: A Diamond Select Item Designed by Art Asylum Sign measures 11.5" high Base allows for wall … [Read more...]

Star Wars Sandtrooper on Dewback Animated Maquette Statue


  Dewbacks are for use by Imperial Sandtroopers as they patrolled the the Desert of their home planet Tatooine. This is a Clone Wars animated version of the the Dewback. This is a nice 1:6 scale for the true Star Wars collector. Cold cast in high-quality polystone and hand painted Stylized limited edition statue is individually numbered and comes with a matching certificate of … [Read more...]

The Hobbit Smaug the Magnificent Legendary Stein

stein 4

  Toast To The Defeat of Smaug The Magnificent with this beautiful limited edition, handcrafted stein, From Taverncraft. I can imagine raising this mug and singing the song in the Green Dragon; "Oh you can search far and wide, You can drink the whole town dry, But you'll never find a beer so brown, Oh you'll never find a beer so brown, As the one we drink in our hometown, As the one … [Read more...]

Big Bang Theory Amy Farrah Fowler – Pop Vinyl Figure

amy farrah fowler

  Amy Farrah Fowler is my favorite character in the fantastic TV show "Big Bang Theory" She is every bit the match of Sheldon Cooper in comedic value. Now I wish they had just included a vinyl figure of her smoking lab monkey! Amy Farrah Fowler stands 3 3/4-inches tall and comes in a highly displayable window box. … [Read more...]

Breaking Bad Bobblehead Walter 6″ Action Figure

Breaking Bad BobbleHead

  The Chemistry Teacher slash Drug kingpin we all love to hate in his yellow hazmat suit on top of his infamous blue crystals. His shaved bald head and glaring face Bob up and down, daring you to challenge him. He is Walter White (AKA - Eisenberg) and he is now sitting on your desk showing everyone that you are as bad as he is! Walter and base stand 6 inches tall Bobble head … [Read more...]

Diamond Select : Marvel Select Action Figure – Deadpool

Deadpool figure

  Everyones favorite mercenary is here in this great 7 inch action Figure. Show everyone you love " The Merc with The Mouth" with this sitting on your bookshelf. For those of you unfamiliar, Deadpool is a crazy, loudmouth, wisecracking, comic book character from Marvel. He was first created by artist Rob Liefeld and writer Fabian Nicieza as a villain, however, with his funny wit and his … [Read more...]

Super Mario Bros 3D Jigsaw Puzzle

3d japanese puzzle mario2

  Fun little Japanese import puzzle designed to be put together and decorate any room and/or shelf.  Who doesn't  like Mario and his gang? Officially Licensed 39 piece Height 9cm (3.54in) … [Read more...]

Star Wars Darth Tater – Mr Potato Head

Star Wars Mr Potato Head

  You gotta love this, a mister potato head that looks like Darth Vader. There are some extra pieces that allow some limited modification and you could use your other mister potato head to make some other fun things. But, why would you. Darth Tater looks great in his original villainous form! Buy these and many more on … [Read more...]