Furry Hobbit Slippers


  My wife is mean. I told her that I wanted these for Christmas and she said I already have them. Seriously, these look like some fun slippers. I bet they are certainly better than the rubber ones you always see the Cosplay Hobbits wearing. One Size Fits Most Adult Feet. Sold for $24.99 at Thinkgeek.com   … [Read more...]

Assassins Creed Cosplay – Replica Ezio’s Gauntlet and Hidden Blade

ac knife

You go to any convention with cosplayers involved and you will always see several key characters. There is always a Jedi, Sailor Moon, Red Shirted Trekkie, and an Ezio from Assassins Creed. I always think the Ezio character is one of my favorites. This is a cool prop because it has a spring loaded plastic knife that you can play with for hours. While this is a plastic replica, I still … [Read more...]

Shark BackPack

Shark Backpack

  Show everyone you are Hungry for knowledge with this cool shark backpack. The main compartment features two rivets that look like eyes. The front pocket opens up directly into his mouth with the side pockets act like gills. The zipper pulls are petite fishies that the shark just can’t ever quite catch. Product Details: Color: Grey Dimensions: 17"(H) x 12"1/2(W) x … [Read more...]

Illuminated Lightweight Umbrella

illuminated umbrella

On a dark rainy night, you will be a beacon from up to a quarter mile away saying "Don't Run Me Over", with this illuminated umbrella. It combines a bright light with brightly reflective material for the ultimate in visibility. Comes with a 1 year warranty for manufacturer's defects. Weighs only 15oz and is 32" long (36" diameter when opened). Engineered to withstand 40mph winds without … [Read more...]

Loopdedoo Kit for Making Friendship Bracelets

loopde doo

This is a very popular craft kit for my girls as they have made seemingly hundreds of thes things to pass out to thier friends. The design of this makes it so simple, that almost anyone can do it. Whats a better way to show someone that you like them, than to give them a gift of something you made? Loopdedoo is a new spinning tool that uses ordinary embroidery floss to create fab and funky … [Read more...]

Doctor Who Tardis 30″ X 60″ Beach Towel

tardis towel

OK, I must admit, that when Im at the beach, my pale skin, awkward physique, Walking Dead  T-Shirt, and iPad, probably give me away as a true geek. However, just to put an exclamation point on it, I am getting this Dr Who Tardis beach Towel. Come on! You know that it would make a real fasion statement to be wrapped in this big 30 x 60 beach towel! Now I just need to find out where my … [Read more...]

Star Wars Chewbacca Photo Bomb – Mens T-Shirt

chewy photobomb t shirt

This is clever T-Shirt I saw the other day. It looks like even in a galaxy far away, you have foam fingers. I thought humans were the ultimate proveiers of 'Bad Taste' . Well if any other species could pull it off, I am glad its wookies. Leave it to Chewbacca to deliver the ultimate photo bomb! I wonder if George Lucus also envisioned them with "Instagrams" and "Selifies"! You know if we find … [Read more...]

Zombie Baby Backpack

zombie baby

This has gotta be the ugliest backpack I've ever seen. Its  a "Must Have" for any person who is a zombie fan with a sense of humor. Fans of the 2004 remake of "Dawn of The Dead" will love it cause it bears a remarkable resemblance to that freaky looking baby born in the mall. A nice detail touch is the brains on the bib. Make no mistake however, this is an actual backpack with one size fits … [Read more...]

Google Glass is Coming this Year for Around $1,500

I know all you gadget geeks have probably already seen all this, however, you know that Google Glass could revolutionize the way we interact with computers. At a minimum, it should be a hot market item for Christmas. Google has pushed up the release to 2013, and announced that the price will be less than $1,500. They have launched a website along with a video that highlights the Google Glass … [Read more...]