Godzilla Feet Plush Slippers

Godzilla Feet Plush Slippers

Godzilla Feet Plush Slippers These slippers will go great with legos. Next time your child starts building with lego's on the floor. You wait until he is finished then you slip these 13 1/2 inch slippers on, and pretend you are godzilla and stomp all over them as your child looks on in horror! The soles are made of cloth, so don't actually step on the legos, they HURT! Trust me, I speak from … [Read more...]

Noble Gases Chemistry T-Shirt

Noble Gases Chemistry T-Shirt

Noble Gases Chemistry T-Shirt. The Nobility Gases! These 6 stable gases of the group 18 (sometimes known as group 0), hardly react to other elements in the periodic table, and are thus deemed  "Noble Gases". You want to get this t-shirt to impress your chemistry professor that your are really listening in his class. However I want this shirt because, anytime I look at a group of cartoon knights, … [Read more...]

No Place Like Home T-Shirt – For a Computer Geek

No Place like home

No Place Like Home T-Shirt There's no place like home t-shirt, is a computer programmers inside joke. The clever shirt which substitutes number reference for home, is the IP address of any person's computer they are sitting in front of. Basically, it is the local computer, hence home .....get it? If not, please don't buy this shirt. If so, buy it and have some fun! But beware, you … [Read more...]

Samurai Sword Umbrella

Samuri Sword Umbrella 2

  How Do Samurai's Stay Dry When it Rains?   Well modern day Samurai's carry this instead of a sword. Strap it to your back as you walk down the street and get some attention. I like to strap it on during episodes of 'The Walking Dead', pretending I'm Michonne. I know what you single people are saying "Why don't you just get a real Samurai sword". Well those of us who are married … [Read more...]

Nerd Proud – Decorated T-Shirt


  Nerd Bravery! It takes a proud Nerd warrior to wear this Shirt. It's adorned with many of the badges that you must earn to be considered a general nerd! So if you buy and wear this, you must be brave indeed! Color: Military Green Super soft 100% ringspun cotton (doesn't feel like cardboard) Thin collar 10.2 ounce crewneck T Double needle cover seamed neck, taped … [Read more...]

ComRad Gaming Audio Helmet & Headset

Comrad Gaming Helmet

    Call of Duty, Battlefield, Medal of Honor, etc... whatever your tactical shoot 'em up game, this is the headset for you. Immerse your self in the action with this fun helmet that makes you feel like part of the squad. The wireless headset will leave you free to move around and trash talk with confidence. Headsets can get irritating to your ears, but this doesn't cover them and … [Read more...]

Big Pug Face T-Shirt – Adult

Pug T-Shirt

This very cool realistic looking Pug Face t-Shirt from The Mountain will surely get you plenty of hugs and cuddles from dog lovers. You'll get the same attention walking down the street as if you were walking your dog, without the poop bags! It's a Pug Life Bro! Classic Style T-Shirt with a Generous Cut Made from 100% Heavy weight Pre Shrunk Cotton Cotton Collar Style: Crew Inner … [Read more...]

Magical Unicorn Slippers For Grown-Ups

Unicorn Slippers

  Every adult needs a bit of magic back in their lives. What’s more magical than waking up and slipping on a pair of unicorns. Even if it doesn’t take you to some far away magical place, it will at least make you smile and feel very, very comfortable. For me, I get to act out one of my favorite Tom Cruise movies “Legend” Make your mornings more magical with unicorn … [Read more...]

DJ Yoda T-Shirt


  DJ Yoda is in the house with this cool looking T-Shirt. He's mixing the mellow breaks that are getting the Jedi's jumping! There are several different shirts, with several different colored glasses and Yoda Shading, by different companies so I just listed what I thought was coolest on Amazon.com. Brand New with all tags 100% cotton, high quality, super soft material Men's Short … [Read more...]

I Am Your Father T-shirt

i am your father

  This is a funny T-Shirt depicting  an All Terrain Armored Transport (AT-AT) and a All Terrain Scout Transport (AT-ST) saying the classic line that Darth said to Luke in the epic conclusion battle to the classic Star Wars movie "The Empire Strikes Back". Both of these imperial walkers were also introduced in that same movie and are fan favorites. T-Shirt Specifications; 100% … [Read more...]

Ultimate Grilling Apron – Never Need to Fetch Anything

Ultimate Grilling Apron

Ultimate Grilling Apron It gets tiring always forgetting something when grilling (especially Beer). So you go back inside and get what you need, come back out and everything is burnt! Well maybe sometimes I do get distracted when inside. Anyway, this cool apron allows you to carry everything you need with you to handle the grill (except talent). I especially like the beer munition! It goes well … [Read more...]

Minecraft Adventure Kids T-Shirt

Minecraft t-shirt

  This is cool new T-Shirt from Jinx and officially licensed by Minecraft. Going on an adventure with your trusty dog and your diamond pickaxe. Watch out, there is a creeper in the background. This is a youth sized shirt made of 100% cotton. … [Read more...]