Sheldon’s Spot Throw Pillow – Big Bang Theory

Sheldon's Spot Pillow

  This is Sheldon's Spot! Save your favorite spot for yourself, or even Dr. Sheldon Cooper, if he were to ever drop buy, with this fun throw pillow. I just hope if he every decides to visit he brings Penny with him! A fun pillow for any Big Bang Theory Fan! Product Description: Measures 18" X 18" with an 11" X 11" image area Constructed from ultra-soft brushed twill with a sturdy … [Read more...]

No I Will Not Fix Your Computer-T-Shirt

no i wont fix computer t-shirt

  Why is it that just because I look the way I do, and am on the computer all the time, you naturally assume that I can fix computers? If so, then am I to assume that , just because you wear a NBA Basketball Jersey, that you can dunk a basketball? Tell everyone off without having to be "social", with this funny T-Shirt. … [Read more...]

Big Bang Theory Amy Farrah Fowler – Pop Vinyl Figure

amy farrah fowler

  Amy Farrah Fowler is my favorite character in the fantastic TV show "Big Bang Theory" She is every bit the match of Sheldon Cooper in comedic value. Now I wish they had just included a vinyl figure of her smoking lab monkey! Amy Farrah Fowler stands 3 3/4-inches tall and comes in a highly displayable window box. … [Read more...]

‘Big Bang Theory’ T-Shirt – ‘I’m not insane; my mother had me tested’

not insane

This is, without a doubt the most clever sitcom since "Seinfeld" or even "All in the Family". Its full of witty quotes and none are better than this one. When Sheldon Cooper (played by the wonderful Jim Parsons), utters this quote with complete sincerity, you realize he wasn't joking. Thinkgeek has the licensing rites to this shirt (without Sheldons Picture) and is offering it in a t-shirt, so … [Read more...]

Big Bang Theory BobbleHeads

bbt wobblers

 This is a cool set of Bobbleheads for all your hardcore Big Bang Theory Fans. However, for me its missing my favorite character, Amy Farrah Fowler ! Bazinga! Mini bobble heads of Sheldon, Leonard, Penny, Howard, and Raj. Size 3 inches Tall Priced at $22.99 Sold By Entertainment Earth … [Read more...]

‘Big Bang Theory’-Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock–Dice Set


 All Right You Big Bang Theory Fans, here is the traditional Rock, Paper, Scissors game modifyed by Sheldon and presented here in 18mm die. Here are the rules! Scissors cut paper, Paper covers rock, Rock crushes lizard, Lizard poisons Spock -Come on! Spock can beat any Lizard! Spock melts scissors, Scissors decapitate lizard, Lizard eats paper, Paper disproves … [Read more...]