Bob’s Frozen Pickle Ice Pops – 18ct (3-6pks)

Bob's Frozen Pickle Ice Pops

Bob’s Frozen Pickle Ice Pops – Real Pickle Juice

I saw this on the food network show ‘unwrapped’  the other day and thought it looked kinda interesting.

When we were younger, we used to freeze pickles and suck on them and we also sometimes squeezed pickles into our water for that sour taste. Of course those were the olden days when you could buy pickles from a jar at your local 7-11 or minute mart. They sat in that jar juice for weeks! We still liked them.

I don’t know how much different this stuff is, but they sure seem popular.

Bob’s Pickle Pops are pickle frozen juice ice pops that have no added sugar and are less than 5 calories each.  18 delicious 2 oz pops in 3 6 count packages!