Bicycle Green Eco Edition Playing Cards – Recyclable

Bicycle Green Eco Edition Playing CardsBicycle Green Eco Edition Playing Cards. Gamble on Green!

Bicycle Green Eco Edition playing cards are made for the smart person who would prefer to play games with people, rather than mother earth.

It’s amazing to realize at all the things that we buy and use that are not recyclable. Who really thinks about things like playing cards? So, if you want to make a difference, but are overwhelmed by all the changes you will need to make, start small.

It just makes sense that even if you start with little steps, like playing with the stylish, 100% recyclable playing cards, you are not only limiting the consumption of un-recyclable cards, but you are also raising awareness, which leads to positive action by others! So make a difference!

Product Description;

    • Environmentally conscious, recyclable
    • Bicycle quality Made in the USA
    • High quality poker sized playing cards
    • Starch based laminating glue and vegetable based printing inks
    • Completely recyclable playing cards

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