Elenco Snap Circuits Lights

Snap Circuits

  Snap Circuits are cool. You can create all sorts of experiments with battery powered electricity, easily and safely. This is the newest one which incorporates lights.  From strobing lights, to infrared and LED color changing LED's to glow-in-the-dark flying fans, Snap Circuits Light is fun! You can even give your music cool lighting effects! This is a great gift for the little … [Read more...]

Afro Samurai Statue with Ninja Ninja

Afro Samurai Statue

Afro Samurai Statue The Anime Warrior! This is a limited edition Afro Samurai statue with Sidekick Ninja Ninja. It is based on the TV Series Produced and voiced by Samuel L. Jackson. The anime series is shown occasionally on Spike TV. Afro Ninja was originally an anime series created by Takashi Okazaki in Japan. It features our warrior with his trusty sidekick (or figment of his imagination) … [Read more...]

‘Big Bang Theory’ T-Shirt – ‘I’m not insane; my mother had me tested’

not insane

This is, without a doubt the most clever sitcom since "Seinfeld" or even "All in the Family". Its full of witty quotes and none are better than this one. When Sheldon Cooper (played by the wonderful Jim Parsons), utters this quote with complete sincerity, you realize he wasn't joking. Thinkgeek has the licensing rites to this shirt (without Sheldons Picture) and is offering it in a t-shirt, so … [Read more...]

USB Cell AA Rechargeable Batteries

usb batteries

Now, I can recharge my 2AA batteries with my computer with these clever USB rechargable batteries. No need for wasting a wall plug for a battery charger. Now I only need to figure out if I need to pull of My USB Fridge, My USB Mini Vacuum, or maybe even my USB Yoda! Easy Charge from any USB Port - 90% recharged in 5 hours NiMH 1.2v 1300mah AA battery Easy recharge on the go, at home or in … [Read more...]

Doctor Who Tardis vs Dalek Salt and Pepper Shaker Set

dr who tardis salt shaker

Spy vs. Spy, Ying vs. Yang, Salt vs. Pepper, and Tardis vs. Dalek. The ultimate smbols of good vs. evil set forth in Salt n Pepper sharkers. What's funny is, some doctors will tell you, Salt is bad for you, while pepper is good! Ah, the struggles of life! Note: The Tardis is really quite blue, as it should be. … [Read more...]

Star Trek Spock Cookie Jar

spock Cookie Jar

When I have a weak moment and go over to open Spock up for a cookie, i look at his dour face and I picture him saying " Logic dictates, that with your body, you shouldn't be having one of these". That usually stops me in my tracks, but then I think what Kirk would do and get one anyway. This is a nice size jar and is cool in my kitchen, next to my Dr Who Tardis and Dalek salt n Pepper … [Read more...]

Magic Wand Remote Control

Wand Remote

Us muggles need a wand too. Especially when we want to watch the entire Harry Potter series back-to-back for the 30th time. Now you can wave your magic wand and change the channel! Great for psrties and to give as gifts. Product Features; Can learn 13 infrared remote control codes and replay them at your command with 13 easy to learn gestures Control almost anything that can be remote … [Read more...]

One Direction ‘Messenger’ School Despatch Bag

one direction messanger bag

    This is a great Side Satchel messenger bag prominatly displaying the guys for all to see. Guaranteed to be a hit with directioners, especially at school. Product Description; Fantastic messenger bag to fit all your school books and most A4 files. Flip over velcro fastening with picture of your favourite band on the front. Zip fastening and internal zip pocket with … [Read more...]

Furry Hobbit Slippers


  My wife is mean. I told her that I wanted these for Christmas and she said I already have them. Seriously, these look like some fun slippers. I bet they are certainly better than the rubber ones you always see the Cosplay Hobbits wearing. One Size Fits Most Adult Feet. Sold for $24.99 at Thinkgeek.com   … [Read more...]

USB Squirming Tentacle – Cthulhu?


Ok, so it sticks in a usb port and wiggles. Thats it, thats all it does. But somehow we are fascinated with it. I guess its the things you can imagine when it works. My favorite, is to tell everyone that it's Cthulhu, the tenticled/clawed monster from H.P. Lovecrafts writing in Weird Tales Magazine starting in the late 20's.  Maybe you can convince your boss that that is why you are not getting … [Read more...]

LEGO – Lord of the Rings The Tower of Orthanc Building Set – 10237

lego 10237

    Lord of The Rings - The Two Towers movie comes alive again in this new set from Lego. With 2359 bricks and some awesome details including Saruman's Library, Alchemy Room, and Throne Room. There is also a room which has a secret door leading to a room with the remaining 3 wizards staffs. My vavorite thing is they created an awesome Treebeard. Product Features; Features 6 … [Read more...]

Zombie Jerky – Eat Some Zombie Flesh

zombie jerky

Ok, I admit it, I just have trouble getting past the green food color. But it makes a great novelty gift, especally if you want to convince your friends that you eat zombies. However, I never knew zombies tasted like Teryaki! Teriyaki It's beef jerky Delicious Artificial green color May not mean you're a cannibal … [Read more...]